Here and Elsewhere, 2018

Curated by Lorena Moreno Vera
Not a Gallery, Mexico City, MX — February 2018 

“Wandering is something that may, unfortunately, befall any man or woman, and it can take many, many forms. It may end up in complete loss of soul and lingering death. When an Indian becomes convinced that he has lost his shadow, he will let himself die out of sheer hopelessness. Or it may result in temporary madness.“
Jaime de Angulo

The exhibition Here and Elsewhere explores the notion of location and the strategies behind shaping landscape, through gestures that go from representation, abstraction, allusion, simulation, fiction, or proclamation.

Aníbal Catalán Julian Cording / Julien Devaux Eva Engelbert / Dalila Gonçalves / Christoph Knecht / Seb Koberstädt / Valerie Krause / Sebastian Ludwig / Andrea Martínez / Maria Ramos / Morten Slettemeås / Lisa Tiemann / Álvaro Ugarte / Francisco Ugarte / Tania Ximena Ruíz / John Zurier

Image: ©Valerie Krause, O.T., 2006
b/w photo.