The Captives, 2019

Curated by Lorena Moreno Vera
Kunstbuero, Vienna, AT–November, 2019

Artist: Julien Devaux

What an absurd and relentless attempt of men to tame nature and time, for this relation and its effects are rather reciprocal. We pursue to find a sensible arrangement for this period called life, trying to fathom what surrounds us. The Captives is the result of a series of conversations reflecting on one’s allure towards self-sought captivity around a situation, person, or state, enticed by a certain degree of seduction and uncertainty acting at an equal level. This relation and its unfolding events translate into futile attempts to escape, driven by a desire to possess.

Image: Xerxes, 2016

Video HD, Stereo, Loop of 4’30” ©Julien Devaux